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Marketing and advertising professionals that understand the towing and recovery industry.

With over 30 years of experience within the towing universe, we’re using our intimate knowledge of this space to help towing companies grow online, and in real life. What is the number one priority for a towing company? To get their phone ringing with Cash Calls! Where do Cash Calls come from? Google!

Plain and simple, and OMG Tow Marketing makes it easy for business owners to compete, and even dominate, in their local area’s Google rank!

Introducing the All-New OMG Local Rank Grid!

• Discover where your business ranks in local searches

• Learn how you compare to local competition

• Determine geographic coverage of your Google presence

• Expand the visibility of your Google My Business listing

• Track your progress as your rank is optimized

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In an industry where every moment counts, your business needs to know that the marketing and advertising efforts are being handled. OMG Tow Marketing is there to ease your mind and make sure your business is getting noticed while you focus on making your company grow.

The towing and roadside assistance industry is fast-paced and constantly changing. You need a marketing company that can keep up, and understands the ever-changing environment and challenges faced by businesses every day. That’s where the pros at OMG Tow Marketing comes in. With over 30 years of serving tow companies all over the United States and a dedicated team of Digital Marketing Specialists and creatives, we understand what it takes to make an impact in the competitive towing landscape.

The Foundation for Your Tow Business

OMG’s Tow Marketing Essentials is the foundation for growing your business online. It contains the building blocks of local search that help your business be found and selected by people looking for tow services. This complete package puts your business in front of your prospects, ahead of your competition, and in contact with your target audience.

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