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Create A Winning Marketing Plan for 2024!

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As we gear up for 2024, let’s take a quick peek at the rollercoaster ride called 2023. Interest rates went sky-high, and prices just kept on climbing, making things a bit rocky for small businesses like yours.

But guess what? Even when things seem out of control, you, as a towing company owner, have the power to steer your ship. And one big way to sail into a successful year ahead is with a solid marketing plan and budget for ads.

Deciding where to put your money, how much, and where to advertise is a big deal. Online ads can be amazing, but if you dive in without knowing the ropes, it can cost a lot.

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Take Google, for instance – it’s like a treasure trove of ad options! There’s pay per click, map ads, search ads, and more. And over on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve got sponsored posts, traffic ads, and lead generation ads.

Let’s start with the finish line in mind. Picture December 2024. Would success mean having 30 new clients or maybe a hundred extra service orders? It’s all about what success looks like for your towing company, and that’s what we should aim for when planning ads.

Here at OMG Tow Marketing, we talk about growth goals every single day. We’ll figure out what products and ads fit your goals best and give you an estimate of how much they might cost. Then, we’ll show you how these ads can bring in new customers, helping you make smart choices.

We’re working hard to come up with new ideas and improve what we’ve got at OMG Tow Marketing. With new places like TikTok and NextDoor getting popular, our team is testing these spots to see if they can help you get new customers without breaking the bank. When we find something that works, you’ll be the first to know!

Even though 2023 might’ve been a bit wild, we’re here for you in our 34th year, ready to help your towing business succeed. Let’s set aside some time to chat about boosting your business in 2024 – how about a call with us?

Here’s to a fantastic 2024!

Jesse Lubar

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