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Are You Ready To Start Getting MORE Cash Calls?

Aug 15 Tow 1

When someone needs a tow and 90% of searches are done on Google, OMG Tow Marketing makes sure our clients’ ads are front and center resulting in more cash calls.

OMG Tow Marketing’s Tow Ads Advantage Search product delivers the most conversions for our clients at the lowest cost – there is no guessing, we’ve done the testing and can now predict how many clicks, phone calls, and converting phone calls a towing company will receive based on their budget, service types advertised, and the size of their towing company’s market. 

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At OMG Tow Marketing, we believe in full transparency – we are thrilled to have the ability to accurately predict how much revenue your ad investment will generate and share these insights with our clients.

Partnering with OMG Tow Marketing positions your tow company at the top – our clients are assigned a designated analyst who specializes in the towing industry, our analysts actively manage client’s campaigns to ensure the lowest marketing costs with the highest return. 

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