There Are 3 Main Drivers of Rank on Google.

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Google is a powerful beast when it comes to bringing consumers to you online, in fact recent studies have shown that more than 90% of all local search traffic is directed through Google. Towing companies have been “made” by simply putting out the right “signals”, making them easy to read and demonstrating to Google that … Read more

Google Ads for Towing

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Just like many things in life, there are options – you can choose how and where you’d like to advertise your towing business. So why choose Google Ads for a towing business? Google Ads have been tested and proven to be the most effective solution for the towing industry and towers nationwide are investing in … Read more

Google Business Profile – A Secret Weapon for Towing Businesses

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Google My Business profiles have helped towers nationwide connect with both new and existing customers but just when they got comfortable navigating through…. perhaps using the app from their phones to update their information, or to answer a review, the search giant has pulled the rug out once again! Enter the Google Business Profile (GBP), … Read more

Top 5 Things Your Tow Operation Should Consider About Your Website


For many years, towing professionals have created websites to help tell their story to potential customers. These sites are built and organized to share content and a message, but today’s consumers…want more. For your towing company, your website is more than a digital menu of services or an online brochure, it must speak to your … Read more

Tow Marketing Experts Have Jargon Too


The towing industry has a long list of jargon which is familiar to the brotherhood of tow pros across the globe. J-Hooks and Bobtails, Swoop, Snatch Blocks, Rim Slings and Skates, to name a few. Effectively managing Google Ads for towers all across the U.S. comes with its own set of jargon and required skills. … Read more

The Ultimate Solution to Grow Your Towing Company Online

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Is your towing company being found and selected online? Are you generating cash calls and ranking ahead of your competition in local search? It’s almost 2022 and consumers are turning to their cell phones and online platforms for solutions more than ever – when a stranded motorist needs a tow, they’re whipping out their cell … Read more