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Aug 15 Tow 1

Are You Ready To Start Getting MORE Cash Calls?

When someone needs a tow and 90% of searches are done on Google, OMG Tow Marketing makes sure our clients’ ads are front and center resulting in more cash calls. OMG Tow Marketing’s Tow Ads Advantage Search product delivers the most conversions for our clients at the lowest cost – there is no guessing, we’ve … Read more


No Guessing, We’ve Done The Testing – NEW Predictable Results for Towing Ads

 Would you invest in additional towing equipment if you didn’t know it would generate a return for your towing business? Most likely not… Well, we don’t expect you to invest in advertising without knowing it will generate a return with cash calls either! OMG Tow Marketing is proud to announce that we’ve cracked the code … Read more

July2020 Blogheadertow Midmonth

How to Help Your Tow Business Rank Higher on Google Organically

75% of people searching on Google will not scroll past the first page of results. Where your company ranks can determine whether you get that next call or not.  Your Google page needs to be prepared to attract new business and all the action is happening on that first page. Here are some tips to … Read more

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