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If They Can’t Find You, They Can’t Call You – Are You Ready to Dominate Google Search?

The proof is in the pudding and OMG Tow Marketing has cracked the code and is getting tow companies across the country to the TOP of Google Search and as a result, these tow companies are generating 4-5x the amount of revenue invested.  One might ask, “how is appearing at the top of Google going … Read more

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Getting Your Towing Company to The Top of Google Search Results

The competition is growing in the towing industry and today, 97% of people look for local businesses such as towing companies online; when someone needs a towing service, they’re turning to Google – a critical question to ask yourself is, “is my towing company appearing?” To maximize calls and increase the number of new customers … Read more

Tips to Optimize Your Towing Company’s Google My Business

The way people find towing companies has evolved – more than ever, consumers are turning to Google. That being said, every towing company should have an optimized Google My Business (GMB) profile and it should be as robust and complete as possible. If you do not have one or your GMB profile is not optimized, … Read more

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