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The Recipe to Success for Towing Companies Looking for More Cash Calls

Marketing has changed tremendously in recent years, presenting opportunities for businesses to target specific audiences and harness intent.  Google Ads are one of the primary platforms driving this transformation and allow companies to advertise to people who are looking for something specific such as a towing service.  One of the biggest differences between the people … Read more

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Towing Companies Across The Country Are Generating 4-5x Return on Investment With Google Ads and Here’s How

When a consumer needs a tow, they’re more than likely turning to Google to find a towing company and Google Ads are not only the top results that come up but they also take up 100% of the results screen on mobile devices.  Is your towing company running Google Ads? If not, you’re likely missing … Read more

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See Where Your Business Ranks on Google & Learn How To Improve It

Is your company ranking? Where do you stand in comparison to your competitors?  Ranking on Google includes a diverse set of algorithms and requirements that are ever changing – increasing your businesses local rank CAN be done but it needs to be done strategically and monitored regularly.  The first step to getting more cash calls … Read more

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