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Google Ads That Will Get Your Towing Company More Cash Calls This Summer!

When a motorist is stranded and in need of a tow, they pull out their cell phone and turn to Google! With over 5 billion daily searches, if leveraged correctly, Google can be the largest cash call generator for towing companies!  Don’t put ALL your eggs in the Motor Club Basket! Did you know that … Read more

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OMG is Using Facebook to Drive Tow Calls for Clients, Learn How Today!

The days of Facebook being just a social platform for posting pictures of your trucks, latest recoveries, or employees have long passed. If your towing company is not maximizing the true power behind Facebook, you’re missing out on many opportunities which could lead to that next cash call!  New features such as “schedule now” or … Read more

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OMG Tow Marketing’s New Facebook Pro Product is Helping Towers Increase Their Relevance on Google & Connect with New Customers!

Many towing companies have been reluctant to advertise on Facebook as it isn’t a traditional cash call generator and, let’s be real, when someone needs a tow are they going to their Facebook feed to scroll and find a towing company? Most likely not but, things between Facebook and Google have changed tremendously and if … Read more

Learn How to Get Your Towing Company Found on Google!

If motorists can’t find you online, they can’t call you! What if I told you, there is now a solution designed strategically to get towing companies not only found online but also selected?! When drivers are searching for services your towing company offers, is your business appearing? Is the information accurate? Can you be found … Read more

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Unlock THE Solution to Start Driving Results & Cash Calls!

OMG Tow Marketing is Proud to Reintroduce our upgraded 2021 Tow Marketing Essentials Product! Designed and Proven  to Maximize Your Company’s Online Exposure! Are cash calls finding, connecting, and selecting your towing company online?  Today, when motorists are in need of a tow or road service, whether it be light, medium, or heavy duty, they’re … Read more

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If They Can’t Find You, They Can’t Call You – Are You Ready to Dominate Google Search?

The proof is in the pudding and OMG Tow Marketing has cracked the code and is getting tow companies across the country to the TOP of Google Search and as a result, these tow companies are generating 4-5x the amount of revenue invested.  One might ask, “how is appearing at the top of Google going … Read more