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Attract New Calls with OMG’s All Inclusive, Custom Designed Towing Websites

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Learn How our Custom Towing Websites Drive Cash Calls

There are many important factors that come into play when talking about online presence and the foundation of them all stems down to your towing company’s website. Without a towing website, where and how are potential customers going to find you online?  Today, we live in a tech reliant world and your towing company’s online … Read more

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OMG’s Most Successful Towing Clients Agree – A Powerful Marketing Plan Using Both Google & Facebook to Drive New Business … WORKS!

Whether you’re after heavy-duty calls or just want more cash calls for your rollback, your strategy should include leveraging both platforms, positioning your company in front of new customers and ahead of competition! Consumers have become reliant on “Googling” and social media usage is at record levels. They want answers and they want them fast. … Read more

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Motorists Are Searching Google for Your Business Online – Learn How to Turn Those into CASH CALLS TODAY

When a stranded motorist needs a tow, is your company appearing at the top of Google Search Results? Statistics show that over 90% of people are pulling out their cell phone and turning to Google when they need a towing service and today, paid search ads occupy 100% of mobile search screens.  If your towing … Read more

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Google Ads That Will Get Your Towing Company More Cash Calls This Summer!

When a motorist is stranded and in need of a tow, they pull out their cell phone and turn to Google! With over 5 billion daily searches, if leveraged correctly, Google can be the largest cash call generator for towing companies!  Don’t put ALL your eggs in the Motor Club Basket! Did you know that … Read more

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OMG is Using Facebook to Drive Tow Calls for Clients, Learn How Today!

The days of Facebook being just a social platform for posting pictures of your trucks, latest recoveries, or employees have long passed. If your towing company is not maximizing the true power behind Facebook, you’re missing out on many opportunities which could lead to that next cash call!  New features such as “schedule now” or … Read more