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Learn How Your Towing Website Can Generate New Sales by Conveying Information & Creating Awareness

When stranded motorists or potential clients need the services you offer, they’re likely turning to Google and in today’s digital world, your website is your company’s online image and with that,  it’s now more critical than ever to ensure that it is representing your business in the best way. Your website is your company’s FIRST … Read more


Google Ads PROVEN to Generate Quality Leads for Towing Businesses

You wouldn’t invest in a new rig if you weren’t confident that it would generate a return on the investment for your towing biz and you shouldn’t invest in any marketing strategy unless you have that same sense of confidence – our Google Ads have been tested, refined, and are proven to generate quality results … Read more

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See Your Towing Business from a Street Level View & See How You’re Ranking Online

Marketing and advertising, two terms that are oftentimes used interchangeably when thinking about your towing business. Both are designed to do the same thing, in different ways. Research has shown that towing ads which are supported by consistent marketing, convert at a markedly higher rate than the advertising alone. Google has taken these findings and … Read more

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5 Warning Signs That it Could Be Time to Select a New Google Ads Specialist for Your Towing Campaign

Few advertising options have become as powerful for towing businesses as Google Ads. Creating a profitable campaign on your own has become more challenging over the years, and for most business owners, simply taking a look inside of Google’s Ad Manager can be overwhelming. With decades of hands-on experience, the certified Google Ads team at … Read more


Organic, On-Page SEO not Getting Respect Amongst Sexier Options

Yes, we said “Sexier”! Sexier because pay-per-lead options are indeed faster. Sexier because all these new ad platforms are more fun for marketers. Sexier because almost anything is better than the labor intense work involved in a solid, organic SEO campaign. But despite the lack of respect it gets, the actual value that SEO brings … Read more

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There Are 3 Main Drivers of Rank on Google.

Google is a powerful beast when it comes to bringing consumers to you online, in fact recent studies have shown that more than 90% of all local search traffic is directed through Google. Towing companies have been “made” by simply putting out the right “signals”, making them easy to read and demonstrating to Google that … Read more