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Towing Websites Case Study



Firstline Road Solutions is a tow industry investor, and one of the single largest companies we have helped at OMG. Their speciality is tow industry acquisitions, and their ever-growing family of brands extends coverage Towing, Roadside Assistance and other Specialized Solutions to a large portion of the Western United States with over 50 individual locations.

Before & After

After seeing the good work OMG National had already done for several of their subsidiaries’ sites, their leadership decided to come fully onboard with their main website as well. They had specific requests for an interactive map displaying all of their properties, as well as a section linking to all of their acquired companies. We were able to accomplish all of this within the deadline set by the client which allowed them to debut their new site at the Tow Show.

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The Methodology

Our goals were to increase traffic to the client’s website in order to increase their customer acquisition. There are various website best practices that were implemented:

  • Clear call to actions throughout the design
    • Both on the homepage and service pages so that customers can easily request an estimate
    • Consistent floating call to action on mobile as well
  • Simple to digest paragraphs of information with imagery to match
  • Highlight of customers reviews to build trust
  • Simple eye catching design; less cluttered 
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Setup Goal Conversions: Form Fills, Phone Calls, Maps Clicks, Email Clicks

Website Performance

Next Steps

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