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Google Ads Case Study


Over 95% Of Consumers Go Online To Find Local Services And Paid Search Ads Occupy 100% Of Mobile Search Screens

Professional Towing is a full-service towing company based in Phoenix, AZ. They provide all towing and roadside assistance services including light, heavy-duty towing and wrecker services. They came to us in December 2019 looking to increase their online presence and drive more cash calls to their business.

The Problem

Phoenix, AZ is a major city with a lot of competition. According to our research, there were some very big spenders with large monthly budgets on Google Ads ($10k+). Our campaign started with only a $1k budget, so we were already at a disadvantage.

One of the most common problems with advertising in large cities among towers are the endless calls from people about their vehicles being impounded. We had to make sure their budget was not being used up on wasteful clicks.

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The Methodology

At OMG National, we have developed a custom taxonomy of keywords, ad copy and extensions for towing services built from data from 100s of other towing campaigns we have run in the past. These taxonomies have proven to be effective time and time again for our towing clients as our extensive negative keyword list (1800+ negative keywords) eliminates irrelevant clicks like insurance, motor clubs and impound/repossession searches. This allows us to show up just for the relevant cash call search queries our client is looking for.

We started off with a modest $1k budget and we spread that out between the services they wanted to offer; light duty towing and roadside. We targeted exact zip codes within their service area and allocated bids to the top performing areas. We utilized a full array of Ad types including Search, Call-Ads & Map Ads. We put extra bid adjustments towards calls being our preferred conversion. We made our extensions mobile-friendly and emphasized the company’s best attributes in our ad copy: fast service and honest rates.

After a few months of the campaign running, we were able to pinpoint the top performing keywords and ads. We created new Ad variations based off of that and optimized the campaign on a continuous basis. We added image extensions which made their ads stand out even more from the competition. After a few months, this campaign was a call-driving machine.

The Results

Due to our optimized campaigns and high quality scores, we were able to keep their cost per click extremely low ($2.22). Lower click costs mean their budget lasts longer and can deliver more opportunities. More impressive is that they are getting leads at only $3.69! Most lead generation companies charge $15-20 for a lead. Which means they are paying 5x more with the other guys!

After constantly seeing results month after month, they had the desire to keep seeing more - so they kept increasing their budget. The budget that once started off at $1k per month is now $6500 per month.

They expanded their services to incorporate heavy-duty due to the high revenue potential. They wanted to be the go-to heavy towing company in SE Arizona so we created individual campaigns, each targeting a specific location. They now are the top showing search result for heavy-duty queries in that part of the state.


Next Steps

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