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Google Ads Case Study

Chima’s Towing is a Towing & Roadside Servicing Sacramento, Ca and surrounding areas. They offer a wide range of towing and roadside services.

They came to us in September 2019. We had to deliver and instill confidence with this new Google Ads campaign.

Key Metrics (KPIs): 

  • Phone Calls
  • Direction Request 

The Problem

The industry is characterized by its high costs and intense competition, boasting more than 11 competitors in the local area. Additionally, they face the challenge of contending with prominent organic listings in the Google search results, which occupy significant real estate on the page. Our task was to devise a strategy that would set them apart from their competitors, all while working within a limited initial budget. Over time, we planned to gradually increase the budget to enhance the client's overall return on investment.

OUR Methodology

We've developed an internally tailored system of keywords, ad copy, and ad extensions by meticulously gathering valuable insights from our past Ads campaigns and extensive competitor research. We placed a particular emphasis on optimizing these elements for this specific industry.

To make our advertisements truly shine, we employed a geotargeting strategy for each location, strategically choosing keywords and adjusting bids where we identified openings amidst the dominant competition. Furthermore, our ad copy was carefully crafted to highlight both the personal and professional facets of our company, allowing us to connect with customers on a more intimate level.

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The Results

Since the campaign launched in 12/19:

  • 22.9K Clicks to Website
  • 19,119K Calls 
  • 1005 Direction Requests

In summary, the campaign has achieved significant success, consistently delivering high-quality results month after month, much to the client's utmost satisfaction.

They consistently secure the top position in impression share, surpassing local competitors like with 89% of instances when their ad appears at the pinnacle of the search results page, which stands as one of the highest achievements in the region. These outcomes substantiate that our ads effectively target the right audience, preventing unnecessary expenditures and maintaining cost efficiency.

Next Steps

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