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Tow Marketing Essentials Case Study

Dakota Towing Ltd., a towing company in a remote area of Canada specializing in light through heavy-duty tows, joined OMG Tow Marketing last December (2019). Shon Crumley knew he needed to do more for his business than just rely upon motorclubs as he was running his trucks into the ground with little profit. Shon, one of the top WreckMasters in North America, met with OMG Tow Marketing at the Atlantic City Tow Show; after reviewing his digital standing with our digital marketing specialist Christopher Blake, he quickly recognized the importance of his towing business's digital presence and reputation and signed up for our Tow Marketing Essentials program.

The Problem

Shon, one of the first fully certified tow operators in his area, is a master of his trade - he is a WreckMaster level 8/9 however, Dakota Towing Ltd. was struggling with their online presence and reputation. Being as Dakota Towing Ltd., is located in Canada, there are different regulations and protocols regarding the optimization of online listings and claiming of Google My Business. Dakota Towing was reliant on Motorclubs and after hearing about OMG Tow Marketing, he was open to exploring digital marketing for his business.

The Solution

97% of People First Look For a Tow Company Online; optimizing businesses online listings, social media presence, Google My Business profiles, and reviews through OMG's Tow Marketing Essentials Product helps towing businesses get found, selected, and connected!


Using our proprietary business scans, our team immediately recognized the need for Dakota Towing Ltd. to claim their online properties, optimize their listings, generate and maintain reviews, and establish a social presence. We signed Dakota Towing Ltd. up for our Tow Marketing Essentials program.

The Methodology

Our team immediately began optimizing Dakota Towing Ltd.'s listings online throughout all Canadian databases including local search sites, directories, voice assistants, navigation systems, review sites, data providers, and social networks. We claimed and optimized their Google My Business profile with compelling content to help them stand out from their competition. We leveraged Dakota Towing Ltd.'s reviews and managed responses on their behalf. All while growing Dakota Towing Ltd.'s social media presence through strategic content creation and placement to boost engagement

The Results

Shon ran a report in TowBook to compare 2 date ranges, one was before OMG and one with; they are getting more cash calls and making more profit without running their trucks into the ground with motor club calls.

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Next Steps

Dakota Towing Ltd. is exploring our Google Ads program to target specific geographic locations such as targeting highways specifically. They are doing so well, they are expanding their fleet and looking into opening a second location in a more populated area. OMG Tow plans to continue leveraging and maximizing all opportunities for Dakota Towing Ltd. and continued growth!

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