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Google Ads Case Study

90% of businesses have missing or inaccurate data online and today, paid search ads occupy 100% of mobile search screens; OMG Tow Marketing's custom tailored solutions ensure businesses are capitalizing both organic and paid search results!

A longtime player in the towing industry, Jose Alfonso decided to start his own towing business this year (2020) after being in the towing industry for 20 years; Jose purchased his first truck, a wrecker and started Lucky 7 Tow located in Miami, FL, specializing in light duty towing. Jose's relationship with many local repair shops contributed to many of the company's tow jobs, but Jose realized that was not enough to support the business. OMG Tow Marketing connected with Lucky 7 Tow in April of 2020 and Jose immediately recognized the opportunity he was missing out on by not investing in digital marketing.

The Problem

Lucky 7 Tow Service was solely relying on referrals from local repair shops, they were not appearing in local searches and the volume from the local repair shops was not profitable enough to support the business. Lucky 7 Tow Service had zero Google My Business presence and was not appearing in towing related search queries, their online presence was nearly non-existent.

The Solution

OMG Tow Marketing recognized the need to build Lucky 7 Tow Service's online presence and the opportunity to dominate both organic and paid search results; OMG Tow Marketing identified a custom tailored solution for Jose's business that included our Managed Business Listings program with our Ads Advantage Paid Search product. Lucky 7 Tow Service needed to optimize and build out online directories, Google My Business, and create an ad campaign to start getting cash calls - OMG Tow Marketing was confident that this custom tailored marketing solution would start yielding success for Jose and his team!

The Methodology

OMG Tow Marketing is an industry leader for Tow Marketing, we have the ability to predict results with our towing taxonomies and optimize ad campaigns to generate proven profitable results. As our team onboarded Lucky 7 Tow Service, we immediately began building out over 400 online directories while simultaneously claiming and building their Google My Business page and landing page. We created an ad campaign with relevant keywords and demographics identified for targeting while implementing best practices generated through our expansive data sets and taxonomies. These strategies almost immediately had Lucky 7 Tow Services appearing and ranking high organically in Google local searches and in the local map pack. The paid ad campaign was launched in both English and Spanish, the cost for Spanish keywords was significantly less than the English ones, real time data is analyzed and campaigns are optimized regularly with our Ads Advantage Search program so our data analysts were able to optimize the campaign to maximize Jose's budget for the best ROI. OMG Tow's methodology for Lucky 7 Tow Service has positioned the company to achieve maximum results.

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The Results

Lucky 7 Tow Service has been working very closely with OMG Tow Marketing's dedicated search analysts and digital marketing specialists to fine tune their paid search campaign and increase their organic online presence. At OMG Tow Marketing, clients have access to real time data and a marketing dashboard where they can easily interpret their results and ROI. After being with OMG Tow Marketing for just a few months, Lucky 7 Tow Service has already seen a tremendous increase in their organic online presence, they are ranking in local search results and are able to be found in the local map pack. Their paid ads are generating many cash calls with a cost per click under $2!

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Next Steps

As Lucky 7 Tow Service continues to see results and increase revenue from OMG Tow Markeitng's efforts, Jose plans to continuously increase his ad-spend. Jose has begun venturing into the junk car business and plans to tailor his paid advertising campaign to target those services as well. Jose's recent increase in revenue has positioned him to begin shopping for his second truck. OMG Tow Marketing plans to continue managing Lucky 7 Tow Service's online presence and getting them more new cash calls!

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