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Tow Marketing Essentials Case Study

Pablo Matos, owner of Matos Towing & Recovery based out of Reading, PA, is a longtime player in the towing industry. He started his business with a simple car dolly and over the course of 12 years he has grown his fleet to over 10 trucks, including a heavy duty 50-ton rotator. When asked how he was able to "get over the hump" and really start to grow his towing company, Pablo simply said: "I believed in myself, and I took out a loan", a sentiment shared by many in the towing industry.

Photo: Pablo, with Mike Rappaport, co-owner and founder of OMG Tow Marketing at the 2019 Trust Award luncheon in Atlantic City.

The Problem

Pablo had invested a sizable amount of money in the acquisition of his new heavy duty tow truck, but found that the truck was not working as often as he'd like. Seeking a solution, he met OMG Tow Marketing at the 2019 Atlantic City Tow Show, where he was also a recipient of the Trust Award, an award designated for the highest rated towing companies on Google. On why he signed up with OMG Tow Marketing, Pablo said: "I really wanted to take a step up in my advertising that would shine a light on my towing business".

Photo: Pablo showing off his pride and joy, his Kenworth 50-ton rotator.

The Solution

Pablo opted to start with our flagship marketing program, Tow Marketing Essentials. This program is intended to methodically grow a business's online presence and make them an authority on the services they provide in their area by creating strong backlinks through our directory network, managing reviews, and leveraging social media. All aspects of this program help to "connect the dots" and feed Google the information that it needs to rank a towing company in the coveted "map pack".

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The Methodology

After cleaning up his presence across 400+ listings, leveraging and monitoring his reviews, and establishing a social media strategy, we focused on optimizing his Google My Business, the basis of all local search.

  • A Google My Business website was created on the back-end of the listing to provide another strong citation.
  • His pictures were all optimized with geotags and EXIF data, and then uploaded to the listing to assist in rank.
  •  His listing was built out with both a robust list of his services filled with keyword laden descriptions and an extensive Q&A section.

Once all off-page SEO initiatives were completed, we set our sights on his website. We built a website optimized for towing and built to Google's SEO best practices, with all headers, copy, and images optimized for the "Heavy Duty Towing" search query. A heavy duty towing blog focused on their contributions to the trucking industry during the COVID-19 outbreak was added to the site. We then created a custom social post promoting the blog, which was boosted to an audience of over 3,000 people.


The Results

At First: In his time with OMG Tow Marketing, Pablo has seen himself rise from not being on the first page for "Heavy Duty Towing" in his area, to being one of the top listings in a sizable area, as shown below using OMG's grid technology.

After The OMG Experience: In addition to an improvement in rank, his cash call volume has increased significantly, even in the light of COVID-19. Rising from 473 organic phone calls in his first full month with OMG to 789 in the past 30 days. In Pablo's words about his experience with OMG Tow Marketing, "It's not just the increase in call volume, but the increase in call quality. Not only are we being marketed in the right areas, but also in the right way, which is giving us these quality calls".

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Next Steps

In an effort to continue growing his business and dominate the surrounding areas, Pablo has entered into OMG's additional product offerings by adding Google Ads to his OMG Stack.

Our Google Ads product, Ads Advantage: Search, is an important piece for any towing company looking to dominate in a given area for specific services. The utilization of search ads, call ads, and map ads combined with a strong organic presence can result in the Google search engine result page being dominated by your business.

Looking to grow your towing business? Sound like something you could use help with? Submit your information below to hear from one of our Tow Marketing Specialists to see how OMG Tow Marketing can help take your business to the next level.