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Google Ads Made Simple, Are You Ready to Get More Cash Calls?

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Google Ads have the power to get towing companies cash calls, a lot of them! 

However, a problem many towing companies face is the complexity of launching a successful Google Ads campaign. If marketing is not your expertise, understanding the backend logistics and functionality of Google Ads is overwhelming!

OMG Tow Marketing’s Google Ad campaigns for towing companies generate 4-5x the return on investment and keeps the process as easy as 1,2,3 for clients – here’s how:

  1. Keywords: OMG Tow Marketing has conducted research and tested keywords and now offers a library of tow specific keywords and phrases  to ensure your business is number one when looking for a tow! 

click here to speak with one of our ad experts and discuss some potential keywords for your towing company!

  1. Bids: OMG Tow Marketing uses in-house software to bid low and spend the least amount possible for towing keywords. This means that you get MORE CASH CALLS for your dollar.

click here to discuss a budget you feel comfortable with!

  1. Quality Scores: Google assigns a score to ads based on many factors and will favor ads that have a higher score. OMG Tow Marketing’s large client base and extensive Google Ads history for towing companies have given us an upper hand over other marketing companies. A higher score leads to cheaper clicks and calls, which means more return on YOUR investment.

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Are you ready to beat the competition and start appearing at the top of search results? Now’s the time and OMG Tow Marketing is ready to maximize your budget and begin generating new leads for your business. 

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