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Google Ads PROVEN to Generate Quality Leads for Towing Businesses


You wouldn’t invest in a new rig if you weren’t confident that it would generate a return on the investment for your towing biz and you shouldn’t invest in any marketing strategy unless you have that same sense of confidence – our Google Ads have been tested, refined, and are proven to generate quality results and return on investment for towing companies nationwide.

Today, online marketing – our Google Ads program to be specific – is the perfect approach to meet the dynamic marketing needs of towing companies and the optimal solution if you’re looking to position your company at the top of Google. There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to staying competitive, relevant, and on top and as a Trusted Google Partner, OMG Tow Marketing leverages data from hundreds of Google Ads accounts to ensure our clients campaigns are ready to succeed. 

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Whether you are looking to generate small, medium, or heavy-duty tows, we’ve got the experience, technology, and commitment to position your business at the top. Our Certified Google Ads employees use only the best practices to ensure your business is being found in the right place (at the top of Google) and at the right time (when prospects are searching for the services your company offers). 

If your business is not at the top of search, your competitors are – don’t let them get ahead of you! At OMG Tow Marketing, we understand that every user searches in different ways from “tow truck near me” to “big rig towing Garden City, ID”, our extensive keyword research and library ensures our customized campaigns appear as often as possible in the right searches. Included in our keyword library are negative keywords that we implement to eliminate the bad calls from the very beginning. 

We pride ourselves on transparency and in fact, we allow our clients to pay their budget directly to Google so you always know exactly what it is you’re spending on ads. Our specialists collaborate with each client individually to generate a proposed budget that is within their means yet competitive. We offer our clients call tracking so you always know what calls you’re getting from our campaigns enabling you to track the ROI of our Google Ads program.  

We know what it takes for your towing business to dominate the search results in your marketing area.