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Google Ads That Will Get Your Towing Company More Cash Calls This Summer!

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When a motorist is stranded and in need of a tow, they pull out their cell phone and turn to Google! With over 5 billion daily searches, if leveraged correctly, Google can be the largest cash call generator for towing companies!  Don’t put ALL your eggs in the Motor Club Basket!

Did you know that paid search ads now occupy 100% of Mobile Search Screens? 

OMG Tow Marketing’s Google Ads program has been tested and proven to get towing companies found where they want, when they want, and for WHAT they want so whether you are after heavy-duty towing calls or just want more cash calls for your rollback, Google Ads are the solution that will get you to the top and get your phone ringing. 

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Although Google Ads can get your business to the top, without proper knowledge and expertise, you can burn time and money fast. A poorly written Ad, the wrong keywords, or a campaign that is not optimized to a T can and will lead to wasted money.

Google Ads have the power to dominate local search for your towing company however, your campaigns must be created, optimized, and managed properly to deliver your business quality cash calls at the lowest possible cost. 

At OMG Tow Marketing, each campaign is built and optimized to deliver the most cash calls at the lowest costs while saving our clients time and energy – with years of extensive research and proven results, we know what works and what doesn’t and we apply this knowledge to your ad campaign to maximize your towing company’s success. 

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Are you ready to dominate Google and start getting more cash calls? 

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