Grow Your Towing Business
With Quick Cash Calls!

Want to make sure that your towing company is the first thing people see on Google? If so, then Google Ads is the answer! OMG Tow Marketing has data from hundreds of towing Google Ads accounts. We ensure that your campaign is ready to succeed from the day it goes live!

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Real-Time Bidding Algorithms
That Deliver Exceptional Returns


72 Ppi Call Roi Tracking

Call/ROI Tracking

We track the calls that come in, so you always know what you are getting from our program. This lets you track the ROI of Google Ads and make the best decision for your towing business.

Specialized Towing Campaigns

Everybody searches in different ways, and our large keyword library ensures we come up as often as possible for the right searches. From “tow truck near me” to “big rig towing in Lubbock” and “cash for junk cars in Milwaukee,” we have the ads customized to what drivers are looking for!

72 Specialized Campaigns
72 Ppi Negative Keywords + Locations

Negative Keywords/Locations

Gone are the days of competitor calls, impound calls, or out-of-area calls. Our experience working with towing companies lets us eliminate the bad calls from day one.

Transparent Pricing

Here at OMG Tow Marketing, we don’t mingle funds. You pay your budget directly to Google, so you always know what is being spent on your ads.

Google Ads For Your Towing Business

30 Years of Industry Experience

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