Google Ads are the top result and take up 100% of the results screen on mobile

When people need to make an immediate buying decision, they go to Google - our Google Ads product delivers the most conversions for our clients at the lowest cost. When someone needs a tow, we make sure our client’s ad is front and center resulting in more cash calls! Our proprietary data, software, and techniques allow us to predict how many clicks our clients will get within a certain budget and how many calls they will receive. We have proven that our strategies will accurately predict how much revenue your ad investment will generate.

  • Our predictable performance impacts our sales cycle, because we can accurately predict how profitable a campaign will be.

  • Our predictable performance impacts our service level, as our specialists can check to see if a campaign is hitting the set goals.

  • Our predictable performance impacts our fulfillment layer.  Our analysts will have clear indications of which accounts need improvement by looking at the accounts not hitting the predicted numbers.

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Historical Data & Conversion Analysis

Built on advanced systems that use historical search-term data and conversions to maximize performance at the lowest possible cost.

Dynamic Budget Management

Hourly bidding ensures that every campaign delivers maximum results. Automated continuous bid pacing allows for fluid campaign delivery.

Google Ads
  • Integrated Call Tracking

    OMG uses integrated call tracking that informs bidding algorithms to optimize campaign performance returns.

  • Automated Bid Pacing

    Automated continuous bid pacing enhances fluid campaign delivery.

  • Comprehensive Keyword Library

    OMG uses a comprehensive keyword library that has been
    refined for more than a decade.