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Google’s Local Services Ads Welcomes Tow!

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Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs) redefined how our clients find & keep new customers online. These new ads didn’t just quietly appear at the very top of the Search results, they forced the world to notice; LSAs are often the first answer potential customers see when searching. Being first means a strong shot to capture the highest quality traffic the internet has to offer. These ads deliver phone calls of high quality & intent. This is among the most intentional traffic available in advertising today.

If you aren’t trusted, it can feel like you don’t exist online. Becoming Google Screenedshows your customers that your towing business is among the best of the best. The reward for passing license, insurance, and background checks? Google stamps your business as Trusted for the world to see & positions your company at the TOP = more cash calls! 

In the age of digital noise, helping towing businesses of all sizes succeed demands more than just mastering the same old solutions. For us, it’s the disciplined commitment to be bold and seize opportunities at the best time so our clients can continue to keep their phones ringing, open new locations, and stand out in a tough landscape.

I’m Interested! How Do I Learn More?

Here at OMG Tow Marketing, we take pride in educating our clients on the latest ad options and techniques. We recently met with our Marketing team and decided it was time to launch our own Google-centric Podcast, The Google Business Buzz.

 Each episode will serve to keep you up to date on the latest happenings in all things Google for your growing business. This week, two of OMG’s product managers, Henry – Google Organic and Ajay Google – Local Services ads, sync up to discuss everything you’d ever want to know about Local Services Ads!

Click on the image below to watch it on Youtube and be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform:

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What New Opportunities Are Out There?

Becoming an Early Adopter when LSA is launched to an industry means enjoying Early Mover’s Advantage. What if we told you that you can enjoy high ranking & the lion’s share of the call volume in your area by being first? The 2023 Summer release makes this possible for the towing industry.

New Launches – California & Florida Only (For Now)

  • [Automotive] Towing, Tire Shop, Car Washing & Detailing, Auto Body Shop, Auto Repair Shop

Do you remember when Bitcoin became wildly expensive? Don’t you wish you had cashed in when it was an option? This is a similarly powerful opportunity, and we know that opportunities of this magnitude do not come along often. 

Towers in Florida & California Can Become Google Screened!

Towing, Auto Body Shops, & Auto Repair Shops are some examples of critical services which your customers are searching for Every Single Day to keep their lives moving.

But when you look at the online landscape, not a whole lot has changed for these industries. Sure, you’ve got the Maps, Google Ads, and websites. Nothing substantial has changed… until now.

Towing companies, Tire Shops, Car Wash & Detailers, Auto Body Shops, & Auto Repair Shops are five brand new automotive categories for which Google Screened is now an option! Enter high quality paid leads from the top of Google.

Automotive Industries – Meet Your Powerful New Tool in the Toolbox

Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs) redefined how our clients find & keep new customers online. You’ve probably heard of Google Guaranteed before; they’re the Trusted ads you see at the very top of the page when you search something like “Plumber Near Me” into Google.

Now imagine if your business showed first, above the Ads & the maps, above everything else on the internet. This vision is now a reality for 5 New Automotive Categories! 

  • [Automotive] Towing, Tire Shop, Car Washing & Detailing, Auto Body Shop, Auto Repair Shop

Google Screened – Same Concept, Different Name

Google Guaranteed refers to the trades. Google Screened is the same concept, just reserved for Professional Services & People care. Being Google Screened means earning your Green Badge of Trust and getting to the Top. Customers also have more confidence calling you because they know you’ve been through Background, license, and insurance checks. 

Let us Hook You Up.

As this platform continues to evolve, we’re committed to bringing these opportunities to you at the perfect time. If you’re interested in making waves in your local marketplace, check out the link below:

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You can also pre-register with an OMG Business Development Manager who can give you the newest information for your industry as well as sharing the options for your company today!

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