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Harness the Power of Facebook to Generate REAL Results

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Cash calls don’t just happen and neither does brand awareness.. If you have a towing business, you need to market it and Facebook is, by far, the largest social media platform, with over 1.8 billion users a day. Advertising on Facebook, if done correctly, can take your towing company to the next level!

At OMG Tow Marketing, we understand the reluctance of many towers in regards to Facebook advertising as it isn’t seen as a traditional cash call generator but, if done correctly, has been proven to increase brand awareness, connect with prospects, and has been proven to increase Google rank all resulting in MORE CASH CALLS!

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To generate REAL results, it takes more than posting a picture of your latest job, updating your company’s status, and liking your drivers posts – at OMG Tow Marketing, we have a dedicated team of Tow Marketing experts that are Facebook certified and ready to support your towing company as a trusted partner.

With over 1.8 billion daily users, the reach of Facebook is humungous and the engagement opportunities are massive – We have proven solutions and use accepted best practices to build your towing campaign with creativity and targeting specs, laser focused on your ideal customer type! We ensure your ads are created and presented to your target audience at the right time!

We strategically deploy well developed ad campaigns on Facebook which are then used as one of the main signals which Google interprets, using that data and rewarding your towing company with better rank in the most important local searches for your company… it’s a win-win! 

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Facebook marketing for towing companies is the perfect way to make social work for your towing business, it is the most powerful social marketing platform in history! At OMG Tow Marketing we create and manage campaigns that ensure your towing company is staying top of mind, driving repeat business, and strengthening your relationships with both current and potential customers!

OMG Tow Marketing’s dedicated team of Facebook experts are managing hundreds of towing campaigns, each one with a unique objective, created with your goals in mind whether it’s increasing page engagement and your brand awareness or just getting more cash calls and driving in new business! 

If you are ready to put these power-driven tools to work for your towing company, click here to schedule a quick call with an OMG Tow Marketing Facebook expert!

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