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If They Can’t Find You, They Can’t Call You – Are You Ready to Dominate Google Search?

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The proof is in the pudding and OMG Tow Marketing has cracked the code and is getting tow companies across the country to the TOP of Google Search and as a result, these tow companies are generating 4-5x the amount of revenue invested. 

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One might ask, “how is appearing at the top of Google going to generate 4-5x the amount of money I invest”.. Well, it’s quite simple – for example,  if your ideal customer is a stranded motorist located in the radius of the zip code 33067, OMG Tow Marketing designs a custom tailored campaign for your towing company to ensure your company is appearing when a stranded motorist within that radius is searching for the services you offer. 

Appearing in local search is crucial and the competition is larger than ever – if consumers can’t find you, they can’t and won’t call you! Appearing at the TOP is just as important, let’s use the same example as above, a stranded motorist – do you think he/she is going to search thru pages of Google to find a towing company while stranded on the side of the road?

To generate more cash calls, you must shift your marketing efforts to being found on Google’s first page and as we mentioned above, we’ve cracked the code! 

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OMG Tow Marketing specializes in identifying towing companies ideal customers, pinpoint what services you’d like to advertise, narrowing down service radiuses and hours of operation, all while using proprietary data that has been PROVED to get towing companies MORE CASH CALLS at a decreased cost per click! 

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