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Learn How Google Business Profile is The NEW Google My Business for Towing Companies!

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Like it or not, Google’s value has doubled during the pandemic and as of today has a value of nearly $2 trillion (with a “T”) dollars.

The value is there because among many other things, U.S. consumers, your customers… freely tell them what they want, when they want it and much more – when stranded motorists need a tow, where are they turning? That power has driven their value and made them indispensable for towing companies like yours.

Google continues to adapt and enhance the features which are helping consumers connect with towing businesses nationwide. Towing companies with well-established businesses, who for years resisted the “trend” of online advertising, found that for them to compete and stay relevant, they need to embrace the tools that Google offers and to harness their power.

We ring in this new year with consumers more heavily dependent on the internet than ever before – are you appearing in relevant search results when stranded motorists are searching for a nearby tow or searching for services your towing company offers?  

The new Google Business Profile is rolling out now, and OMG Tow Marketing has a new program designed specifically for the towing industry that will help towing businesses like yours maximize your presence and capitalize on the latest tools in search.

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Start the New Year off right, with OMG Tow Marketing on your side. Our all-new Google Business Pro includes the latest feature enhancements in search. You can expect your program to add value to your company by:

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Let OMG Tow Marketing help you start 2022 at the TOP of search! Schedule a quick demo with an OMG Tow expert today, and for a limited time, claim your OMG PowerPage website, professionally developed & hosted at no additional cost!

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