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Learn How Our Google Ads Program Can Generate Your Towing Business Quality Calls

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With increased competition and the ability to search so quickly online using a variety of search terms, it is more critical than ever to make sure your towing business is appearing at the top. So why choose our Google Ads program for your towing business?!

Fact is, our Google Ads have been tested and proven to be the most effective solution for the towing industry and progressive towers nationwide are investing in this paid ad strategy to generate REAL results. We have been actively working with the Towing community for more than 30 years and we know TOW!

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In March alone, our Google Ads programs generated over 5,000 quality tow calls for our towing clients! You may be asking yourself how is that even possible or how do we know the calls came from our campaigns? 

How is That Even Possible? 

Our custom built Google Ads are tailored to your business and its specialties, crushing the competition. We have over 12 years of campaign data allowing us to build towing campaigns that have been tested and proven to generate quality calls. Each campaign is custom built, professionally managed, and integrated with our AI-infused bidding allowing your campaign budget to be allocated for maximum impact! We know everybody searches in different ways, and our experience and large keyword library ensures our clients come up as often as possible for the right searches, we have the ads customized to what drivers are looking for!

How Do We Know The Calls Came from Our Campaigns? 

At OMG Tow Marketing, we pride ourselves on being transparent and everything we do for our clients is measurable. Each Google Ad campaign is built with call tracking so you always know what you are getting from our program – this lets you track the ROI of your Google Ads campaign. The proof is in the pudding and that’s how we were able to quantify the 5,783 calls that were generated in March for our clients as a direct result of our Google Ads campaigns. 

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Towing is often an emergency service and when a stranded motorist needs a tow, they’re likely whipping out their smartphone and turning to Google, consumers have become more dependent on Google and Google Ads give your business an opportunity to appear at the right place at the right time, when a prospect needs a tow – light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, we tailor the calls based on what YOU’RE looking for. 

When prospects are looking for the towing services your business offers, is your company appearing? Give us a call to speak with a tow marketing expert and see how your towing business is currently appearing and let us strategize a campaign to generate your business with more cash calls, roadside work, heavy tows, transport calls, or whatever type of tow jobs you’re seeking! 

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