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Leveraging Content for Local Growth

“Content is King”, an old marketing term that still holds true. In digital marketing, content refers to publishing new images, unique blogs, social posts, videos, or other forms of digital media on the various outlets available (Website, Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, etc.). Done correctly, this can help increase impressions, engagement, and leads to your business.

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But what kind of content is generating user interest and engagement? In a world with 63,000 searches done on Google every second, leveraging authentic content in a meaningful way can be the difference between the second page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and being on the top three of the Google Local Pack.

Did you know that Google will actually prefer a company that sends them the proper signals relating to a certain area -tied with a specific product or service- over a business that might be closer to the person using Google’s search engine? 

Think about it. If your business is 20 minutes away, and the service “Motorcycle Towing” is clearly stated on your website, and all digital properties, (vs another company that only says “towing service” in the same zip code as the person conducting the search and no mention of “motorcycle towing”), Google will show your business over the competition regardless if the closer business provides that service. Google’s main goal is to provide the most relevant search results for their end users and their algorithm is highly sensitive to these signals.

You pair that with a social posts mentioning motorcycle towing, as well as an offer on your Google My Business and Facebook Business page will ensure you are in consideration. In essence, using service and area keywords can help amplify your content to enhance your prominence within Google’s Local Rank algorithm. Combining this with the use of Google and Facebook’s native resources to promote events or offers actually helps a business climb the Google ladder, significantly. 

At OMG Tow Marketing, our team of digital marketing specialists and content creators will help define your audience and generate relevant content that directly impact customer engagement and customer actions (more phone calls, website visits, and direction requests). 

We know what boxes to check, and how to move the needle forward for towing companies across the nation. We recommend all businesses (clients of ours or not) to be proactive with asset collection and distribution (taking pictures and sharing on all social media and business directories). Tell Google and Facebook your story, they’re listening and want to help share it. Take advantage of all the resources offered, and make the most of your businesses online presence.

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