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Motorists Are Searching Google for Your Business Online – Learn How to Turn Those into CASH CALLS TODAY

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When a stranded motorist needs a tow, is your company appearing at the top of Google Search Results? Statistics show that over 90% of people are pulling out their cell phone and turning to Google when they need a towing service and today, paid search ads occupy 100% of mobile search screens. 

If your towing company is not at the top, you’re likely missing that next cash call! 

Towing companies across the country are turning to Google Ads to get their business to the top and the cash calls are ringing in but only if the campaigns are set up, optimized, and managed correctly – if not, you can burn time and money fast!

 OMG Tow Marketing’s Google Ads product helps towing companies generate quality leads from potential customers who are out there now, searching for your services.

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Think about it, when you are looking for a product or service online, are you scrolling to the second, third, or fourth page of Google Search Results? Especially if you’re stranded on the side of the road?! Likely not… Statistics show that more than 40% of people go to the top 3 paid ads in search results and over 75% of users don’t click through to the second page of search results. If your towing company is not ranking, you’re missing out! 

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Google Ads can take your towing company to the top. OMG Tow Marketing’s team of Certified Paid Search Analysts understand the in’s and out’s of Google Ads and as a Certified Google Partner, will ensure that your campaign is generating maximum results for your investment, generating qualified leads regularly. 

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OMG Tow Marketing understands that you’re not looking to take on a part time job or delegate this to just anyone. We also recognize that you probably don’t have the time or desire to become a Professional Paid Search Analyst. With this in mind, we’ve strategically built our Google Ads product based upon a foundation of proven success for towing companies nationwide. We are focused on providing a fast, sustainable return on your investment – we get it, you want more cash calls! 

Our Google Ads product includes detailed reporting, call recording and rating, AI enhanced bidding algorithms (you choose the budget), and many other features to help save you time and make you money! 

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