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OMG is Using Facebook to Drive Tow Calls for Clients, Learn How Today!

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The days of Facebook being just a social platform for posting pictures of your trucks, latest recoveries, or employees have long passed. If your towing company is not maximizing the true power behind Facebook, you’re missing out on many opportunities which could lead to that next cash call

New features such as “schedule now” or “call now” buttons that can be added on posts, are enabling emergency service providers, such as Towing professionals, to use Facebook to generate on demand calls. Though Google is still where most motorists will begin to look for a tow, increasingly, companies are being found towards the top of search results with their company Facebook page. Facebook also is one of the main “signals” to Google, which can provide your company with a significant SEO boost. Facebook and Google are closely intertwined and Facebook is now one of the major sources that Google pulls data from in order for a business to gain relevance in local search. 

Your towing company’s business Facebook page, if optimized and built out correctly, will increase your Towing company’s rank on Google and that’s where stranded motorists are turning to when they need a tow! 

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Between the billions of daily users and the synergies with Google, the power of Facebook is stronger than ever and OMG Tow Marketing’s Facebook Pro puts that power to work for towing companies, generating real results. We are able to locate your target customers, build meaningful engagement, and generate real results. Most importantly, we harness the hidden power of Facebook to give our towing clients a more robust overall internet presence.

For towing companies to generate consistent results, it takes discipline and strategy. This includes but is not limited to, optimizing your business page to feed Google exactly what it’s looking for, posting unique content, and generating engagement through “like” campaigns and “boosted” content, all while targeting custom-built audiences. 

Sounds like a lot? To be frank, it is.. but, have no fear…. OMG Tow Marketing’s Facebook Pro product removes the guesswork. Our team of Facebook specialists are in sync with the optimization processes, algorithms, and frequent updates – our team will enable you to run your business and leave the Results Generation to us!

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