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OMG Tow Marketing’s New Facebook Pro Product is Helping Towers Increase Their Relevance on Google & Connect with New Customers!

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Many towing companies have been reluctant to advertise on Facebook as it isn’t a traditional cash call generator and, let’s be real, when someone needs a tow are they going to their Facebook feed to scroll and find a towing company? Most likely not but, things between Facebook and Google have changed tremendously and if your towing company isn’t on Facebook, you’re missing out on many opportunities which could lead to  that next cash call! 

Facebook is one of the major sources that Google pulls from in order for a business to gain relevance in local search – Facebook, if optimized and built out correctly, can increase your Towing company’s rank on Google. OMG Tow Marketing understands the intent of most towing companies’ marketing efforts, “get more cash calls”, and with that in mind, we are proud to introduce the all new Facebook Pro product for towing companies after much research and testing! 

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In order for your business’s Facebook page to increase your Google rank, it must be built out and optimized correctly to feed Google what it’s looking for. Routine optimization cycles are included in our Facebook Pro product to ensure your company’s Facebook page is loaded with updated content that feeds Google exactly what it needs to increase your tow company’s rank online. 

The power behind Facebook is stronger than ever and OMG Tow Marketing’s Facebook Pro puts it to work for towing companies. Facebook is more than just a social platform to show off your new truck or latest job, it is a powerful network with billions of daily users allowing us to locate your target customers, build meaningful engagement, and generate real results! OMG Tow Marketing gets it, we understand what towers want and understand that prospects are not searching Facebook for towing services, but towing companies that successfully leverage the power behind it are shown to have a more robust presence on Google! 

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OMG Tow Marketing’s Facebook Pro product uses unique content such as custom graphics and videos as vehicles to boost and drive engagement for your company’s page. At OMG Tow Marketing, we never use templates, so each post for your business is custom – nothing is ever repeated or stale. We’re sure to build out each post to include call to action buttons on select posts allowing viewers to message your towing company directly through the post, schedule tows, or even call you directly! 

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Facebook for towing companies is more than what it used to be, are you ready to harness the power behind it? 

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