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OMG’s 10 Tips for Local Business Success in 2020

Google My Business (GMB) is the most important property for a local businesses on the Internet. 

Tip 1: GMB is not static, it is a dynamic property and requires business interaction. Having a GMB page is not enough to be successful. Businesses must interact with their GMB page through review responses, rich content, and social posts amongst other things to be successful.

Structured data distribution is critical to the success of a local business online. 

Tip 2: Stabilize your structured data across the major data aggregators and directories online. There are over 400 sites and services to submit your business data where customers might be looking for your business.

Reviews remain the most important factor in ranking and selection. 

Tip 3: Ask every customer for a review and use a tool to send them an easy review request via text message or email. Answer all customer reviews, both positive and negative. 

Social signals are important for customers and search engines alike. 

Tip 4: Post at least once a week to social media channels to demonstrate to your customers and the search engines that you are an active business. Generate an active following for business through your social presence online. 

Your website must be responsive and mobile friendly to rank in Google and attract new customers. 

Tip 5: Use responsive design to make your web pages mobile friendly. Over 70% of users will find your business on their phones. If your web page isn’t viewable on mobile, you will lose those potential customers.

Video is the most consumed form of content online. 

Tip 6: Produce video content on a regular basis for your business and post it to social media channels and other digital assets. Video content is consumed at a 1000x rate to static content posts.

Questions and Answers are becoming more important in search

Tip 7: Seed your GMB page with questions and answers to your most frequently asked questions and be responsive to people asking questions about your business. This content will live as a permanent part of your business identity online.

Use custom and look-alike Facebook audiences to identify your target audience online

Tip 8: Upload a customer list using phone numbers or emails to Facebook and generate a look-alike list from the audience which matches the demographic, behavioral, and geographic characteristics of your customers to target in social media.

Google Guarantee and Local Service Ads are the most important inventory in search 

Tip 9: See whether your business qualifies for the Google Guarantee and get Google to back your business while rising to the top of search results and only paying for customers calls.

Every customer is a potential advocate for your business that can lead to new and repeat business. 

Tip 10: The marketing funnel opens back up at the point of sale and every customer that your business transacts with is an opportunity for a relationship and referral. Whether it is asking for a customer to follow your business online, leaving a review, collecting email addresses, or asking a client to participate in a referral program – every customer is a another chance at more business.

For assistance on any or all of these tips for 2020, OMG has formed products that are geared to meet your needs. Our team is constantly watching the market so that you don’t have to. Our goal is to drive success for your business online and get you new customers in the most cost-effective and powerful ways. Schedule a time to speak with a Digital Marketing Specialist Here!