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RANK is the Goal when it comes to your Google Business Profile!


Your towing company’s Google Business Profile (GBP) is a tool that allows you to manage your online presence across Google Search, Google Maps and other properties. It is an essential tool for your growing company. 

Step back for a moment to consider how consumers use Google and you’ll realize that your GBP has numerous important elements. The GBP has replaced the phone book, calling 411, and is a valuable search tool for someone seeking out services, especially towing ones. 

It can help you to:

• Increase visibility in the local search results: When people search for “towing company near me”, your Business Profile will show up in the search results, along with other relevant towing companies in your area. This makes it easy for potential customers to find you.

• Improve your online reputation: Your Business Profile displays customer reviews, which can help to build trust and credibility with potential customers. You can also use your Business Profile to respond to reviews, both positive and negative, which shows that you are engaged with your customers and value their feedback.

• Connect with customers: Your Business Profile includes your contact information, website address,photos, hours of operation, even company updates or unique calls to action that can help you to drive consumers in a certain direction. This makes it easy for customers to get in touch with you and learn more about your business. 

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Your Google Business Profile is an essential tool for online marketing, it is a powerful way to improve your online visibility, reputation, and connection with customers. However, obtaining maximum value from your profile comes with many potential roadblocks, here’s why:

Though using your Google Profile appears simple, it remains one of the trickiest online properties to leverage properly. Starting with the creation of the page, Google has become obsessive with security and preventing the spam listings which have plagued the system and frustrated legitimate business managers for years. You’ll need specific documentation, and to follow the instructions and guidelines which frequently change. To have your GBP published, Google will use a variety of AI-infused or algorithmic-based verification methods. Also, the hoops you’ll need to jump through don’t end once your page is published. Updates to certain aspects of your profile, some of them completely random and seemingly innocuous, frequently trigger a reverification status. Navigating this dynamic landscape leaves many tow business operators frustrated with no one to speak to. As of 2023, there is no longer any U.S. based support for the Google team responsible for business profiles. 

Ok, I got my profile up, now what? Here are a few tips for capitalizing on your Google Business Profile:

• Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date. This includes your business name, address, phone number, website address, and hours of operation. You should also include a brief description of your business and the towing services you offer.

• Consistently post photos and videos. Photos and videos can help to visually represent your business and make your profile more appealing to potential customers.

• Encourage customers to leave reviews. Positive reviews can help to build trust with potential customers and encourage them to choose your business over your competitors. You can encourage customers to leave reviews by sending them a follow-up email after they have used your services.

• Respond to reviews. Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, shows that you are engaged with your customers and value their feedback. It is also a good opportunity to address any concerns that customers may have.

• Use Google Posts. Google Posts allow you to share updates about your business, such as new services or promotions. You can also use Google Posts to highlight customer testimonials or announce upcoming events.

By following these tips, you can optimize your Google Business Profile and get the most out of this powerful tool.

For more than a decade, tow businesses across the country have relied on OMG’s professionally managed products for getting maximum value out of their Google Business Profile. 

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