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Meet Jon & Rick, OMG clients who shared the same challenge…differently.


Challenge #1 Taking on a new competitor – Medium & Heavy-Duty Towing

Jon from Action Towing, specializes in Heavy Duty work. His team works hard each day across the highways and rural roads of West Texas. His business has been in the family for 30-years and his main focus is always on growing and expanding. Jon has been with OMG for years but came to us last year with a particular challenge. There’s a new kid in town! Not the Eagles song, this is a competitor who came into Jon’s area and set up shop. Jon’s drivers reported that some of the heavy-duty wrecks which were in his territory, were being lost to the New Kid.

After speaking with Jon, Chris from OMG ran some tests and deployed a variety of ad measuring tools. Chris was then able to share with him a strategy to ensure that Action Towing was present and accounted for across the region for all the heavy duty and truck repair search terms. He was also able to estimate the budget required to either simply level up, to truly compete, or to dominate the market for those high value jobs. Jon chose DOMINATE.

Within weeks, Jon had his first major job attributed to his new Google Ads campaign. The job yielded nearly $5000 in gross revenue. As the months passed, OMG’s AdWords Team was able to refine the campaign using a combination of human skills, Tow Marketing knowhow and artificial intelligence to manage the bid strategy.

Jon is psyched to be onboard with the OMG Team and we are honored to be involved in his success.

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Challenge #2 – Adapting when the town moves the goal post – Light Duty/Cash Call Towing

Rick from Pro Tow had his own challenge. His town changed its rules surrounding police tows and towaways, effectively cancelling them entirely during the pandemic. When things began settling down, they added two additional Tow companies to the police rotation. Rick was taking a hit.

He sat down with OMG in Orlando at the Florida Tow Show and together they mapped out a strategy to help Pro Tow move forward. Relationships with the 2 main auto dealers in town, for referral work, combined with the police work, had been the bread and butter for 20-years, but it was now time to invest in advertising to meet the changing landscape.

The OMG crew mapped out a Local Search strategy which included both foundational and paid advertising components. The early verdict is in and it shows a 50% increase in Google actions, including phone calls for both August and September. The Google Ads campaign launched on June 10th and has already created over 100 cash calls at an average cost per call of $13 (cost per job of $37). The refinements which OMG continues to make are optimizing Rick’s campaign, ensuring that he is getting the highest possible number of calls for the lowest possible cost. At the same time, OMG is hard at work on the organic local search strategy, pushing forward on the free call side and ultimately driving down Rick’s average cost to acquire a new customer. As of our last call, Rick was considering running a parallel campaign with a Cash for Cars objective, to help feed his auction business.

Wrapping it up

In summary, there is no reason to take a chance and invest your marketing dollars with a generalist. In almost all cases, YOU will be the one paying for the learning curve. Before investing thousands of dollars with Google and an “agency”, you should make sure they know the business, understand the geography, the competition, and the average market cost per call.

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Or just reach out to OMG Tow Marketing by phone, email, or at the next tow show and hold onto the one thing you can’t ever get back… your time.