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See Your Towing Business from a Street Level View & See How You’re Ranking Online

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Marketing and advertising, two terms that are oftentimes used interchangeably when thinking about your towing business. Both are designed to do the same thing, in different ways. Research has shown that towing ads which are supported by consistent marketing, convert at a markedly higher rate than the advertising alone.

Google has taken these findings and built it straight into their algorithm, which in return impacts your rank as a small business. There are certain criteria businesses must heed to ensure a solid rank online and it all begins with your company’s Google Business Profile. 

To position your towing business at the top, the most valuable keywords for the services you offer should be incorporated into your Google Business Profile in the same way you should write SEO copy to optimize your website. 

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Baking your company’s valuable keywords into SEO and your Google Business Profile are just some of the “signals” Google uses to determine rank as well as a combination of these other factors:

Relevance is determined by how closely your potential customer’s search aligns with your business information. Incorporating key services into your Google Business Profile is a good first step!

Distance gets evaluated as part of search and rank, with Google measuring the potential customer’s proximity to your business. The closer they are to your location or service area, the better chance they will find you in a relevant keyword search. 

Prominence is a popularity contest of sorts which Google uses to determine how well known your business is. Like major brand names, famous places and alike, the more times your business name is being used on line, whether in reviews, social posts, direct name searches, etc., the more prominence points you will get to impact your rank. 

There are many steps that you can take to help level-up your company in the ranks. Identifying some of these “signals” is the easy part, however completing the work and continuing to keep them updated with fresh info and content, requires discipline and knowhow.

OMG Tow Marketing  has developed a powerful tool called the OMG Rank Grid and it was designed to give companies a street level view of their business rank, as seen by searchers across your service area. Running a few grids for your most valuable keywords and phrases is an eye opener for certain. This exercise can demonstrate where attention should be paid, in order to have the most impact. In many cases, the same company may appear #1 or #2 for one important service, but #10, #11 or worse for alternate services. 

This powerful technology uses real time Google data and quickly demonstrates how you appear to those seeking your services across town and beyond. 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so start with an OMG Rank Grid, a complimentary service from OMG Tow Marketing. 

Also, check out our Flagship Program, Tow Marketing Essentials. This program is built to help you leverage your online presence, build your reputation and improve your social media strategy. We look forward to helping you maximize your marketing, helping you to get and to keep  more new customers.

– J Lubar

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