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Start Generating Cash Calls for Your Business, You Choose The Budget

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Sometimes it’s WHAT you know and sometimes it’s WHO you know. In today’s ever changing digital advertising environment knowing your prospects/customers online behavior is a major advantage when doing anything on Google, especially getting the most qualified calls in those “micro-moments” when one may need assistance. 

What search terms are drivers using when looking for a tow or roadside assistance? What devices are they using? What campaign type will target your audience best to generate the most cash calls for your business?  Are you looking for heavy duty work, or do you need quick cash calls to help keep your fleet and operators engaged?  

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OMG Tow Marketing has proven solutions and proprietary data on the towing industry’s best practices, positioning us to reach target audiences and get our clients more cash calls!   The fact that OMG Tow Marketing has tested and refined every possible search term for towing and recovery allows us to  remove the guesswork!  We invite you to leverage our team and technology and experience a return on your investment quickly and consistently. 

OMG Tow Marketing’s Google Ad campaigns for towing companies generate 4-5x the return on investment, for example, clients investing $600 on ad spend are likely to receive a return of $2,400 to $3,000 each month! If your current ads aren’t producing as effectively, let us show you why.  Stop the guesswork and apply the powerful OMG formula today.

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This will show you what business (actual searches by keywords and phrases)  is out there in your market, what your competitors are doing (good and bad) and what it should cost per call. Google Ad campaigns, when launched and managed correctly, can take your business to the next level by generating more qualified leads and cash calls.

With OMG’s industry leading technology and data libraries, we confidently generate 4-5x the amount of revenue for progressive towing clients across the country. Make 2021 stronger than ever, what are you waiting for?

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