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The Recipe to Success for Towing Companies Looking for More Cash Calls

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Marketing has changed tremendously in recent years, presenting opportunities for businesses to target specific audiences and harness intent. 

Google Ads are one of the primary platforms driving this transformation and allow companies to advertise to people who are looking for something specific such as a towing service. 

One of the biggest differences between the people you can reach with Google Ads and the people you can reach with other forms of advertising is their intent – this is extremely relevant to the towing industry because when someone needs a tow, they’re not going to scroll through their FB feed looking for a towing company, they’re not going to wait for a display ad to pop up on their screen, they’re going to search on Google! 

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Google Ads are the recipe for success for towing companies looking for more cash calls and OMG National has the secret formula to generate 4-5x the return on investment. Over 80% of our towing clients running Google Ads generate revenue of 4-5x their ad spend. 

OMG National’s predictable results are attracting towing companies nationwide, now’s the time to act! 

Google’s massive reach and OMG’s proprietary data capabilities and techniques combined = cash calls! 

You choose the budget and let us do the rest, give us a call for a complimentary consultation today! 

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