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The Ultimate Solution to Grow Your Towing Company Online

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Is your towing company being found and selected online? Are you generating cash calls and ranking ahead of your competition in local search? It’s almost 2022 and consumers are turning to their cell phones and online platforms for solutions more than ever – when a stranded motorist needs a tow, they’re whipping out their cell phone – if their car won’t start, they’re searching online for a local towing company and if your business isn’t findable, they’re likely calling your competition! We have the ultimate solution to get your towing company found online and for a limited time only, get started for only $22 and don’t pay until 2022! 

To grow your towing company online, your business must be found and selected by search prospects. The foundation to doing this includes components from both search (Google) and social (Facebook) platforms. Your towing company must stay top of mind, target new prospects, and rank on Google! OMG’s Tow Marketing Essentials program is the most cost-effective solution in the marketplace that takes into consideration the entire customer journey, while putting your tow business in front of new customers and ahead of your competitors online.

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Two of the “big players” in the online marketplace are Google and Facebook; to ensure your tow company is dominating online, it’s crucial that you leverage both platforms by harnessing the power behind both search and social! 

Both Facebook and Google have billions of daily users that are turning to their platforms for answers, and you may be asking yourself, “I want more cash calls, how can I advertise my towing company on Facebook?” or “how can I increase my rank on Google to generate more cash calls?”. OMG’s Tow Marketing Essentials program was strategically designed to capitalize on both search and social and has been proven to leverage the broad reach of both networks to locate your target customers and create meaningful customer interactions that generate REAL results = more cash calls!!

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Are you ready to increase your rank and start growing your towing business online? It’s time to dominate Google and Facebook to rank higher and get more customers! Give us a call to speak with one of our tow marketing experts and learn more about our Tow Marketing Essentials solution today 800-789-4619!

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