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Three Types of Winning Content That Every Business Has

We live in a world where the things that businesses post on social media do not generate many, if any views. This is because Facebook wants businesses to pay for the distribution of their content on its news feed.

While everyone these days is a content producer, the idea that businesses can stand out without paying for ads is super-challenging. This is why the strategy of working with the tools that already exist inside of Facebook and Google make so much sense.

There are several types of content that all businesses have at their fingertips and that will help them utilize the power of search and social media marketing. All that is required is a little thinking. 

Events Facebook and Google make events an important content type for your business profile. Business owners need to understand that events do not need to be a large gathering for hundreds of people. It can be as simple as a holiday special or a new product launch. Getting people to attend your event provides a direct pipeline to distribute content to audiences that anyone can take advantage of.

Offers It doesn’t matter if your offer is a one time sale or an ongoing discount, taking advantage of the offer on Facebook and Google allows a business to create rich and compelling structured content. This type of post, like an event remains attached to your business profile and helps you move ahead of the competition. 

Q&AThanks to the changes in search engine optimization today, your customers are asking questions directly in the search bar. Facebook and Google provide a Q & A area for businesses and consumers to interact with. Business owners should provide a set of questions that they can ask and answer to seed their profiles on Facebook and Google. This content helps inform prospective customers and deepens the value of your business in the eyes of Google. 

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