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Tow Marketing 101 for 2021

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There’s no excuse, it’s a new year – make 2021 the year for your towing company with more cash calls!

Out with the old and in with the new, use this new year as an opportunity to not only reflect personal goals but also your business ones – OMG Tow Marketing’s team of digital marketing experts has put together this checklist as a starting point for towing professionals just like you to identify shortcomings your towing business may be facing and learn how to conquer 2021 through strategic tow marketing tactics.

Now, are you ready to get more cash calls? 

It’s 2021and drivers are turning to Google more than ever. If your business isn’t ranking well, you’re missing out on cash calls. Check your map ranking here. Google is constantly evolving and making changes to their algorithms and practices, which is why OMG Tow Marketing has deployed a variety of new solutions that are tow industry-specific such as Google My Business Pro and our proven Tow Google Ads program. If your business is not one of the first choices on a Google search, the cash call is likely going to a competitor.

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How Does Your Business’s Online Foundation Look? 

There’s no excuse, it’s 2021 and your towing company needs to be found and selected this year! To be found and be selected, your towing company must have a SOLID foundation online, both search and social components need to be managed, monitored, and optimized to ensure your towing business is appearing in front of customers and ahead of your competition. Is your business’s Google My Business profile claimed, optimized, and generating cash calls? Are you appearing near the top in local relevant searches? Does your business have enough positive reviews? Are you dominating social platforms? Now is the time..

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Is Your Towing Business Leveraging Facebook?  

Facebook’s broad audience and targeting abilities are helping towing companies across the country. 2021 is the year to harness the true power of Facebook and their billions of daily users to locate the target customers in your market. Are you creating meaningful interactions through social media platforms that generate results for your business?  From auction promotions to hiring ads for drivers, reach the right people at the right time and make social work for your business. Learn more about Facebook marketing and implement the right strategies this year to generate more results than ever.

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You can’t rewrite the past, but you can take a clean piece of paper and write your future – what are your business goals for 2021? 

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