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Tow Marketing Experts Have Jargon Too


The towing industry has a long list of jargon which is familiar to the brotherhood of tow pros across the globe. J-Hooks and Bobtails, Swoop, Snatch Blocks, Rim Slings and Skates, to name a few.

Effectively managing Google Ads for towers all across the U.S. comes with its own set of jargon and required skills.

OMG Tow Marketing has been working closely with the Towing community for more than three decades. Over the last ten years, we have built more effective Google Ad campaigns for towing professionals than any company in the U.S.

When you want to generate new calls using the internet, Google Ads are the most effective. Building, launching and managing a campaign can be accomplished in a number of ways. 

  • DIY types can build their own campaign using AdWords Express
  • Gamblers can work with an agency who generalizes in many industries
  • Others may try out the latest Towing website company who cold-called them

What those “in the know” do, is rely on an expert. An expert has its own technology, its own processes and methodology for every step of your campaign, and yes, its own jargon.

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Taxonomy, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Optimization Loops. These are a few of the terms that we in the Tow Marketing world use to describe the various parts of a successful Google Ads program.

We start with a taxonomy. Think of this as a guide which gives the expert a framework for building a roadside assistance campaign, or one developed to buy used or wrecked cars for feeding an auction, maybe a heavy duty towing campaign focused on specific sections of highway. 

Next, the expert will apply Machine Learning. This enables the next campaign to learn from the last one and improve consistently, interpreting actual search terms, excluding those searches which waste your ad budget and refining the campaign’s targeting.

Now, Artificial Intelligence is applied. The expert in Tow Marketing Technology is able to apply this to the management of your budget. It means that at peak times, your ads ramp up, enhancing your exposure to the market, in real time.

Then, the expert applies an Optimization Loop to your campaign, enhancing it with a human touch and creative elements, making sure that you are getting the best technology as well as the best performance and of course, expert communication from Google certified specialists.

All for a cost that is competitive, if not less than working with a generalist, and certainly more effective than if you were to attempt it on your own.

You wouldn’t send a rookie roadside assistance guy with a gas can and jumper cables to untangle a rollover in a busy intersection, so why put a rookie in charge of your ad dollars?

Get a quick demo from one of our OMG Tow Marketing specialists now. We’ll make sure you get the right information, realistic expectations, recommended budgets and of course, expert advice. 

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