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Towers, Get Google Screened & Start Appearing at the TOP! 


Disclaimer: We specialize in powering results for towing & automotive clients. It’s our responsibility to our clients to bring y’all the latest and best news. As of today, Towing for LSA is still in limited release/beta and only available in California & Florida. If / when things change, our clients will be the first to know 🙂

Picture this, it’s a situation we can all relate to, and it happens everyday: A Motorist is broken down & stranded on the side of the road. She’s frustrated and has her kids safely seated in the back. She needs a Tow and needs it fast. Mom’s top priorities at this point are Safety, Trust, & a fast response time.

For years, Mom’s best option has been grabbing her phone, doing a quick Google search, and calling the first Google Ad she sees. Nothing wrong with that. However, there’s now a better answer that’s here to change how we think about Marketing for Roadside assistance companies & how these companies can help people. This answer is called Local Services Ads by Google (or LSAs for short). 

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What’s special about LSAs is that they now show up first for searches like “Tower Near Me.” This means that your competitors using Google Ads to market themselves are going to be left in the dust because most people do not scroll down when searching, especially for emergency services like Towing. LSA welcoming Towing means that other advertising layers like Google Ads are effectively pushed down on the page, further out of sight!

But showing up at the very top of the page is just the start. LSAs are all about trust, and becoming Google Screened is all about showing consumers you’re the best of the best. It means going through a background check, insurance checks, and other checks. 

The reward? A shiny Green Badge of Trust and the ability to highlight your Towing company as an answer to motorists in need. LSAs ultimately supercharge your business with trust for all potential customers to see. 

It’s not all about just showing up at the top either, LSA offers many other benefits that are nothing short of juicy:

  • Show up at the 1st layer of Advertising at the Top of The Page (Above Google Ads & the Maps)
    • Pay for Calls, not Clicks
    • Calls under 30 seconds are free, always
    • Signal to potential consumers that you are the best of the best with your Badge of Trust
    • Listen in to a meticulous call recordings of each call you’ve ever received
    • Quick & Easy Mobile App
    • Dispute Bad Leads for your Money Back

If you want to see how LSAs have transformed the digital playing field for other industries, just google something like “Roofer near me” or “Criminal Lawyer near me” to get a taste of what these ads look like for other industries they’ve been released to. If this interests you, or if you have friends in any other LSA-supported industries, please feel free to check out & share our other LSA blogs as appropriate! 

Guess what? LSAs dramatically changed how customers find Pros for those industries and they’re about to do the same thing here! Becoming an early adopter means capitalizing on Early Mover’s Advantage – less competition & more cash calls for you.

OMG Tow Marking & OMG National are Industry leaders with LSAs with many happy clients across hundreds of industries. Give us a call today to see how we can use our industry-leading methods to make sure your business is positioned as a best answer