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Towing Companies Across The Country Are Generating 4-5x Return on Investment With Google Ads and Here’s How

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When a consumer needs a tow, they’re more than likely turning to Google to find a towing company and Google Ads are not only the top results that come up but they also take up 100% of the results screen on mobile devices.

 Is your towing company running Google Ads? If not, you’re likely missing out on cash calls.

Google is made up of a diverse mix of algorithms and there is a science behind the creative, messaging, and ad launch – a science that OMG Tow has mastered.

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Over 1,000 towing companies across the country have partnered with OMG Tow Marketing and are generating 4-5x return on their ad spend investment, OMG Tow Marketing has proprietary data, software, and techniques that are custom tailored to each ad campaign to generate maximum results. 

OMG Tow Marketing uses proprietary data and strategies to not only launch and create ad campaigns but can actually predict how many clicks clients will get within a certain budget and how many calls they will receive. We have proven that our strategies will accurately predict how much revenue your ad investment will generate and are proud to announce that over 80% of our clients are making 4-5x a return on their investment.

For example, clients spending $600 on ad spend are likely to make $2,800 to $3,500 back each given month! 

If your towing company is not making 4-5x return on your investment for Google Ads or if you’re not yet running Google Ads, you are missing out – give us a call today and start getting more cash calls  800-789-4619 

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