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Towing Professionals Capitalizing on Google Ads – Building Significant Businesses

For more than a decade, OMG Tow Marketing has been helping our tow clients maximize their online presence.

Back in 2010 at the Tow Show in Baltimore, a major shift in advertising had begun. For the preceding 20+ years, towers across the country were using Yellow Page advertising to help them drive calls. Before the smart phone or widespread use of the internet, the Yellow Pages were the way to grab new business, augmenting what was coming in from repair shops, police work, motor clubs and other referrals.

If you’re old enough to remember, those Yellow Page ads were quite pricey depending on your location and ad size, but with limited options, you paid it and got what you got. So it made perfect sense that as those old paper clunkers began to die out, the Yellow Pages began transitioning their clients over to newfangled online search products such as YP.com and ultimately over to Google where they were a major reseller.

I remember thinking to myself back then, boy, if we could crack the code on that Google search advertising, we could really help these guys create a sustainable pipeline of new calls. Fast forward 13 years, and we’ve done just that.

By no means did it happen overnight. On the contrary, the landscape in online search is dynamic, changing, shifting and updating constantly. So it’s taken a lot of time, trial and yes, error, to put together the very best in Tow Ads. The way we have gone about it is an obvious one, but one that has taken a huge amount of investment in people, in marketing technology and in research. With so many clients in the towing space, we’ve been able to successfully categorize our client’s towing companies based on their type of operation. So whether they’re focused on Heavy-duty, light duty, tow aways, police towing, roadside assistance, auctions, recovery and scene clean up, or other services, we are able to determine the right campaign type that will give their operation the highest likelihood of success.

The biggest asset we have created comes from the motorists and truckers themselves. Its the live campaign data which shows us how they are searching, with what keywords, phrases, at what time of day most often and so on. Gathering that information across thousands of campaigns and over many years, and we know how they think and how they will search when they need your services. That’s horsepower!

We use that information to create a unique and robust taxonomy, or roadmap for building out the very best Google campaigns for our clients, and then using the tens of thousands of new search data points received each week to continue to improve on our client campaigns. Ongoing campaign optimization includes using that live motorist search data, to add the keywords that work, and to remove ones that don’t and which can waste our client’s budget. This process, repeated consistently, ensures that our campaigns improve each month.

It’s a smart, crowd-sourcing of real-time search info, expertly applied to the Google Ads campaigns that is one key to our success.

We’ve also applied the best in artificial intelligence to optimize our client’s budgets, using marketing technology which is not directly available to small companies. This layer of optimization ensures that your campaign is bidding more when it is the optimal time of day, and based on the client’s ad schedule, while taking into account total search traffic, current levels of ad competition and hundreds of other factors which ensure that your budget is allocated in the smartest and most responsible way.


A client in Tennessee began with a modest budget of $1350 per month for a city of his size and the ad competition in his market. 18 months later, the same client is investing more than $25,000 per month in his campaign and has significantly expanded the business. Search traffic shows that there is room to grow further and based on their capacity to handle the work and their desire to grow, that is a discussion we are having.

Another client in Arizona came to us after blowing thousands of dollars a month and getting not nearly enough return. We worked together to understand the nature of both the heavy duty and mobile truck service aspects of their company. Today, 5 short months later, they are investing less budget than they had been on their own and doing a robust, consistent business which is helping them grow, add staff and keep pace with the rising costs we are all facing.

Google Ads are one of the most powerful advertising options that exist for the industry. It can be very frustrating to know who to trust and how to know what is going to work best. Like any advertising, repetition is important, there are no quick fixes, or miracle elixirs, so don’t expect them.

If you are serious about working together with an expert team who knows the business and how to help you make money, you’ve found the right blog post. Search over!

Call OMG Tow Marketing today, or visit www.omgtowmarketing.com for a complimentary analysis of your market and a recommended solution for you to consider!

Jesse Lubar, CEO – OMG Tow Marketing

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