Unlock THE Solution to Start Driving Results & Cash Calls!

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OMG Tow Marketing is Proud to Reintroduce our upgraded 2021 Tow Marketing Essentials Product! Designed and Proven  to Maximize Your Company’s Online Exposure! Are cash calls finding, connecting, and selecting your towing company online?  Today, when motorists are in need of a tow or road service, whether it be light, medium, or heavy duty, they’re … Read more

Getting Your Towing Company to The Top of Google Search Results

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The competition is growing in the towing industry and today, 97% of people look for local businesses such as towing companies online; when someone needs a towing service, they’re turning to Google – a critical question to ask yourself is, “is my towing company appearing?” To maximize calls and increase the number of new customers … Read more

Tips to Optimize Your Towing Company’s Google My Business

The way people find towing companies has evolved – more than ever, consumers are turning to Google. That being said, every towing company should have an optimized Google My Business (GMB) profile and it should be as robust and complete as possible. If you do not have one or your GMB profile is not optimized, … Read more

See How Your Towing Company Is Appearing on Google Search & Maps & Learn How to Maximize Your Online Presence!

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Have you noticed how more and more customers are able to request quotes or even schedule towing services without actually speaking to a business? Platforms like Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp allow customers the ability to connect directly with towing companies online. In the specific case of Google My Business. The “My Business” app … Read more

Start Generating Cash Calls for Your Business, You Choose The Budget

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Sometimes it’s WHAT you know and sometimes it’s WHO you know. In today’s ever changing digital advertising environment knowing your prospects/customers online behavior is a major advantage when doing anything on Google, especially getting the most qualified calls in those “micro-moments” when one may need assistance.  What search terms are drivers using when looking for … Read more

Tow Marketing 101 for 2021

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There’s no excuse, it’s a new year – make 2021 the year for your towing company with more cash calls! Out with the old and in with the new, use this new year as an opportunity to not only reflect personal goals but also your business ones – OMG Tow Marketing’s team of digital marketing … Read more

Finish 2020 In Front of New Customers & Ahead of Your Competition

Is your towing company being found in relevant Google local searches? Are you maximizing the power of Facebook and its billions of daily users?  If you answered no to any of the 2 questions above, your company is likely not dominating local search and you’re likely not harnessing the true power of Facebook – the … Read more

Google Ads Made Simple, Are You Ready to Get More Cash Calls?

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Google Ads have the power to get towing companies cash calls, a lot of them!  However, a problem many towing companies face is the complexity of launching a successful Google Ads campaign. If marketing is not your expertise, understanding the backend logistics and functionality of Google Ads is overwhelming! OMG Tow Marketing’s Google Ad campaigns … Read more

4-5x Return on your Tow Ads – Unleash the Formula in your Market

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OMG Tow Marketing has studied the market, done the testing, and is able to PREDICT results for Google Ad campaigns – our towing clients who deploy OMG’s Google Ads are generating revenue at 4-5x their ad spend.  For example, clients investing $600 on ad spend are likely to receive a return of $2,800 to $3,500 … Read more